Things have really zoomed forward in the last month:
* Manfred Riem joined the developers, and spent most of his Christmas coding. Thanks Manfred.
* All the functionality of Elite - the newkind has now been reworked in Java.
* I have put up a bug tracker site please raise specific issues in the Java version of Elite there.
* I have split the mailing list into three:

16:29:55 GMT     


* Added the ability to dock at space stations.
* Fixed fuel accuracy issue.
* Added explosions when you destroy ships.

08:14:10 GMT     


I'm pleased to welcome Jan Bruun-Andersen to the javanicus project, he has very kindly submitted code that implements the Buy/Sell Stock screen, as well as providing some excellent javadoc comments for the main algorithm. Take a look at the latest runtime to see his work.
08:40:08 BST     


Finally added some of the tactics routines, this means the vipers will follow your ship, and even attack. It's almost like the real thing now ;-)
19:46:30 BST     


applied Sun coding conventions to all the code, so that all the tabs line up etc... used jacobe to do this.
09:39:29 BST     


if you shoot the space station, vipers will now appear (up to 4)...
09:20:54 BST     


  • started coding some of the tactics engine, particularly the bits when you shoot a space station, and it launches the coppers...  Not uploaded any of that yet, but soon (thursday...)
  • added a forum to the website, look forward to your comments...

15:47:33 BST     


  • added the Sun to each system, having trouble with fast rendering of individual pixels, to get that hazy look, hence using a simple filled circle for the moment.
  • fixed lasers, at last, you can fire away using the 'A' key.
  • added ability to toggle framerate limiter, so you can now see the real speed of your machine, unfortunately more than the original 13fps is a bit unplayable.
  • full screen exclusive mode (press key '7') is closer to working, obviously some issues still stand.  Don't press this button yet ;-)
  • Added space station at other planets, so have now succesfully launched from Lave, hyperspaced to Zaonce, whizzed off towards the planet, found the space station. Docking is still not implemented...

08:39:41 BST     


  • I've added the ability to hyperspace, yay!.  Just select a destination (F5/F6) and then hit the 'H' key to move to that system...
  • Also implemented the jump key, so you can speed towards the planet, just hit 'J' and you will speed towards planet
  • Fiddled with sound code again, still can't get it to work  :-(
  • Put another quick config change key in, if you hit '7' it will try and switch the game to full screen exclusive mode, not sure if it will work yet...

08:19:02 BST     


  • sorted out centering of cross onto other planets, so you can
    now get 'Data on Planet' for other planets.

    However I was getting this problem with Zaonce (fixed now!):

    Population:3.7 Billion
    Gross Productivity:29304 M CR

    Population:5.3 Billion
    Gross Productivity:41976 M CR

    all the rest are the same.

    These three are all the complicated calculations in

    now sorted, used local variables instead of get/set.
  • implemented the display of destination planet and distance.
  • implemented pretty wrap around text for description of planet.
  • added alternate keys, you can now use arrow keys to control ship
  • added inventory screen (f10)
  • begun work on hyperspace

09:20:35 BST     


I've added a 'Summary of Controls', which you can access by pressing the letter 'K' during flight, it isn't perfect, but should help those of you who don't know the keys.

I've also tried to get the short range/galactic chart to centre on other planets, but it has a 'thing' about a planet called 'Leinte' which is 23.2 Light Years from 'Lave'. Don't know why, probably some stoopid variable not being set right ;-)  will sort it out in the coming days...
08:18:46 BST     


finished the site rewrite (mostly), hope it feels a bit better organised now.
08:18:35 BST     


this morning on the train, I've been rewriting the website, so that it is a bit better organised.  Not yet uploaded it, as I have to sort out a funky looking button to press, to launch the game.
09:26:04 BST